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Dr. Robin L Desmore, PhD

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Robin’s professional career background began in the U.S. Army during the Gulf War. Over the last 30 years, her roles and experience have given us a unique understanding of all facets of Federal Regulations and Government Contracting. This experience arms us with an advantageous perspective and unique skill set that gives Client's secure and valuable options for supporting and growing their business while ensuring they deliver the best services possible. 


Mission Statement

To provide excellence through contracts and compliance services to our clients to help their business grow.


Founding Member

 Dr. Robin L.Desmore, PhD., CEO, Founder, SME


Legal Structure

 Avant-Garde Concepts is a Limited Liability Company, incorporated in the State of Florida.



Unique companies deserve unique solutions! Unique solutions for unique situations.

Avant-Garde Org Chart

Company Advantages

Avant-Garde Concepts has many support services but truly many of our advantages are only as strong as our experience, expertise, and knowledge management. Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, fast, can provide expert advice and can work on short deadlines, and find a way to help your business succeed. We will take the following steps to ensure excellence in our consulting services:

Each engagement uses strategically developed planning and management processes to be proactively in synch with each Client and keep them updated on projects, activities, and critical information.

We focus on what is needed for each Client, we use our expertise and experience to provide guidance to become a trusted partner with each Client. 

Develop close relationships with other small businesses and independent contractors who can support our efforts and our Clients - in areas such as strategic pricing, proposal development, business development, and capture.

All our consultants and team members have at least a four-year degree, with all having at least 10 years of experience in Federal Government Contracting support.

We are a virtual company without a lot of overhead costs or bureaucratic corporate rules, which saves time, money and creates a flexible workplace for getting things done.

Communication, Clients, Compliance & Contracts

Communication is key

 Avant-Garde Concepts ensure communication is top priority by:

Communicate in such a way that transparency is the expectation and discussions are more important than being right.

Using our network, experiences, and expertise to communicate industry changes or shifts that may impact small businesses directly or indirectly.

Developing communication plan for each client and including the level of engagement needs & priorities.

Clients are our cornerstone

Avant-Garde Concepts believe Client’s are pillars for which we stand:

Our commitment and dedication are for all small businesses that need assistance getting their business on the right foot.

Focusing on the right actions, activities, and solutions not only add value but give Client's a peace of mind.

Understanding what and why the Client is in business goes a long way to helping them grow in all the right ways while ensuring they are compliant and on the right track.

Compliance is a virtue

Avant-Garde Concepts is where compliance and communication merge together:

Every day is a day for compliance just like every day we communicate for best results.

To ensure consistency and best practices for each client we focus on understanding and assurance for compliance standards.

Take the time to know the parameters of the requirements to fully understand the compliance, then we discuss how to comply.

Contracts are the backbone

Avant-Garde Concepts believe Client’s are pillars for which we stand:

This is the quintessential reason we are here - to help give support, insight, guidance, and our expertise to our client's contractual needs.

Contracts are what makes the GovCon world go round, having a firm grip on understanding and compliance requirements - is essential!

Have you read your contract? Do you understand all the terms, conditions, and clauses? If not, please call us, we can help! We want to be a partner in supporting your company.